Food Grade Plastic Drums/Totes

About Project

Where to Get Food Grade Plastic Barrels?  Is a common question via search engines because food grade plastic barrels, drums and totes are in high demand.

We offer the best in quality to ensure that our food grade plastic barrels can handle the freight.  We also understand that people like to make rain barrels, water barrels and composite bins with these products.

All of our products go through our rigorous inspection and grading system to ensure the best possible product for our customers.  Whatever your needs are, we have the best recycled products in Raleigh-Durham NC and surrounding areas.

If you’re looking to save money when buying used recycled products, you can depend on us.  Call us today!

Materials: Plastic

Grade:  Food, Water

Sizes: 30, 55, 70, and 275 Gallons

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